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Our online surveys offer a unique opportunity to share your opinions and experiences directly with companies and researchers.
Asking Opinion is proud to be headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, and Offices in United States and India. Our mission is to provide a reliable and enjoyable platform for people to voice their opinions and earn instant cash and rewards.

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Get Rewards: Redeem your panel points instantly for Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, PayPal, and more! With hundreds of gift cards to choose from we have a reward for everyone.

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Asking Opinion Surveys is a premier market research survey panel dedicated to asking for valuable opinions! We specialize in conducting online surveys that pay instantly, offering a wide range of paid surveys for instant money. At our core, we believe in empowering individuals to earn money online by simply sharing  your thoughts and opinions through our quick and easy online surveys.                         
With members from more than 40 countries, our panel represents diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. Surveys that pay real money instantly to our members. Our members take surveys that pay instantly to PayPal, surveys for gift cards, and surveys for instant money payouts.

Joining our community grants you exclusive access to hundreds of online surveys for money, enabling you to participate in various studies and earn rewards for each completed survey. Your feedback matters to us, and we ensure that your time and efforts are fully recognized through our reward system.

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Why Join Asking Opinion

Through your active participation you will play a vital role in driving innovation, improving existing offerings, and ensuring that your needs and desires are addressed by the companies you interact with. By voicing your opinions, you will contribute to the development of products and services that better align with your values, preferences, and expectations.

Join the Asking Opinion panel today, take part in paid surveys, and be part of a community dedicated to sharing opinions while earning rewards for your valuable contributions! Are you ready to make a difference? We want to hear your valuable opinions today. Start your journey with us and make your voice count!